Welcome to Smiles Day Nursery & Early Learning Center


We follow a Creative Curriculum guidelines which highlight the fundamentals of basic caregiving, leaving room for flexibility and individuality while touching base on each developmental domain including social-emotional, cognitive, gross motor/fine motor, sensory and language. Infant and Toddler curriculum is guided and built during meeting daily based routines. Preschool curriculum, on the other hand is self-regulated under a structured environment where each center represents each developmental domain on its own.

Our activities are very “hands-on.” Whether it’s for sensory purposes or it motivates children to learn basic life skills, we make our activities as practical and realistic as possible. Making or creating something on their own, allows children to feel proud of their work, giving a boost to their confidence.

Our age appropriate Individualized curriculum doesn't only focus on individual child but also allows children to learn through interactive, imaginative and manipulative play, in a social environment which builds independence and self-help skills, and creates a loving and trusting bond between children and educators.

We strongly believe in family involvement in making our curriculum successful. Whether it is through daily communication or monthly planned activities, parents are a big part of our team and we highly encourage their input.


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