Welcome to Smiles Day Nursery & Early Learning Center

Infants and Toddlers

Our infant and toddler rooms follow a very flexible routine based on individual child’s needs and interests. Our infant room is mostly for non-mobile babies who are strictly on an “on-demand” schedule. As they begin to walk and become more interested in exploring their environment independently, we begin transitioning them to the toddler room. In the toddler room the routine is slightly more structured but still flexible with each child’s interests and development.

Along with providing routine based care, we are passionate about giving each infant and toddler the individualized attention they need while also giving them the opportunity of social interaction with other infants and toddlers for a positive stimulation. Teachers plan activities based on individual interests and planned developmental goals. Children in these rooms are observed periodically helping us prepare their individualized goals followed by age appropriate activities. Progress reports on infants are prepared every three months and for toddlers, every six months.


As our older toddlers become more self-efficient and show the need to participate in higher level learning, we begin to transition them to our preschool room at around 2.9 years. Our preschool program is more structured and prepares children for their academic future. Our preschool room has center-based activities designed for children to learn in a structured environment that will enhance their self-help and independent skills. These centers include, dramatic play, science/ math center, writing center, reading area, manipulative/ blocks area, group and one-on-one activities.

Teachers in this room plan a theme based curriculum while focusing on each child’s individualized needs and development which assure that each child builds a sense of self-esteem and recognize his/her individualized talent that will help them with school-readiness. Children are observed and evaluated every six months followed by a parent-teacher conference as necessary. Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers at any time in order to help their children prepare for kindergarten.


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