Welcome to Smiles Early Learning Institute


Before the year 2013 Smiles Early Learning Institute was just a dream of a single mom! While she worked her way up in the field of technology, after ten years, Owner and Director, Rakhi Shastri began to bring this dream to reality and finally opened the doors to its community in June 2014. From there on it was a wonderful link of experiences that was built upon trust and commitment!

Our educators come with genuine interest in making a difference for the children! We are a team of educators that thrives in creating in a fun learning environment. We believe in constant growth and development and are always working towards improving the standards of our program. Our teachers are continuously working towards professional development. We are advancing our knowledge and development to meet the new and innovative styles of teaching. Our Lead Teachers come with a minimum of fifteen years of experience in the field, while the teachers have been in the field for at least 5 years.